David Horton

President and Managing Partner, Schweizer RSG

David Horton is president and managing partner for Schweizer RSG, the 269 series helicopter’s manufacturer and is responsible for all aspects of this business. Schweizer RSG acquired the type certificate holder of the 269 series helicopters from Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin Company, in January 2018. Mr. Horton is also credited with improving the support and profitability of Schweizer during the late 2000s, including the production, sales and support of the commercial helicopter line, which consisted of the Schweizer 300, Schweizer 333 and Schweizer 434M helicopters. In addition to these helicopters, Schweizer produced the Firescout MQ-8, at the time the only unmanned vertical lift program of record for the US Navy. Previously, Mr. Horton was vice president of customer support for SAFRAN Helicopter Engines. In this capacity, he directed the sales and support activities of this company, which included contracting services, delivery of materials, and providing technical support to SAFRAN’s U.S. customers. Before he joined SAFRAN, Mr. Horton was president at Uniflight LLC, a Part 145 repair station and president and general manager of the Schweizer Aircraft Corporation.