Erick Pérez

Director of Technical and Operations, Helicopter Division Safety, Airbus & Co-Chair, Helicopter Safety Team, Mexico

Erick Pérez born in Mexico City, he is an Aeronautical Engineer and has specialized studies in Helicopter Ground and Flight Tests carried out in Airbus France and Germany.

Previously Erick began his career at Airbus Helicopters in 1993 as an internship in the Engineering area at the Airbus Helicopters hangar in Mexico City, later, he was Chief Supervisor of the MRO, promoted to Responsible and Manager of Engineering, in charge of technical support, design and customization, coordination of services and inspections, production, airworthiness and flight tests, for Airbus helicopters in Mexico and some Central and South American countries, until becoming Director of the Technical and Operational areas. During his 29-year career at Airbus Helicopters, Erick has held other positions, such as Director of Heliescuela, a training center for helicopter pilots. He was also a Technical Support Specialist, Instructor, Technical Advisor and Lead Quality Auditor. In his current role in this Directorate, Erick is responsible for Technical Support Engineering, MRO, Supply Chain, Airworthiness, Technical Publications, Training and Aviation Safety activities for the 23-country region covered by Airbus Helicopters Mexico, developing during the recent years, the Hubs of technical excellence with scope for all of Latin America of Engineering Support, Technical Representatives, Airworthiness Maintenance, Training, and Aviation Safety.

Parallel to his career at Airbus, Erick serves as Co-Chairman of the Helicopter Safety Team Mexico (HST-Mexico), and member of the Vertical Aviation Safety Team (VAST)