Gordy Cox

Director of Operations, Redding Air Service

Born into an aviation family, Gordy has been in professional aviation since 1982 when he joined the British Royal Air Force. Since leaving in 1989 to pursue a career as helicopter pilot, he has served in various roles, holding the positions of line pilot, instructor, Chief Instructor, Chief Pilot, Director of Operations and numerous committee positions, across a wide spectrum of the industry.

He is currently Director of Operations for Redding Air Service, conducting fire and power line operations, and is also Chief Pilot of IEX Helicopters serving the charter needs of Southern California. He works closely with Pacific Gas And Electric, (PG&E), in California serving as a Subject Matter Expert, (SME), in helicopter operations and is their primary instructor for their renowned “Flying in the Wire Environment” course, which is required to be taken by every pilot and lineman who fly helicopters on PG & E Property.