Joshua Portlock

CTO and Co-Founder of Electro.Aero (Australia)

Josh has over a dozen years of experience developing and commercialising electric propulsion and autonomous systems. He is an entrepreneur and robotics engineer who has specialised in electric propulsion technologies.  Josh founded Electro.Aero to help safely propel the sustainable aviation industry, through developing and commercialising electric charging systems for aircraft development partners, including electrical management systems and other propulsion sub-systems. Josh also founded the SAE AE-7D committee for aircraft charging standards in 2018 and continues to contribute to the development of these standards as the Committee Chair.

Josh is an Australian innovation leader in multidisciplinary design optimised aerodynamics, electric propulsion and control systems. He has been recognised in Anthills Top Smart 100, nominated as Young Manufacturer of the Year and won Curtin Alumni’s Innovation Award.