Mel Johnson

FAA’s Director of Aircraft Certification Service’s Compliance & Airworthiness Division

Melvin (Mel) Johnson is Director of Aircraft Certification Service’s Compliance & Airworthiness Division (AIR-700). This division is responsible for issuing all design approvals for domestic and foreign manufacturers, executing continued operational safety processes, and providing flight test support. Previously, Mr. Johnson served as director of the Organizational Performance Division (AIR-300). AIR-300 assesses the Aircraft Certification Service’s organizational performance, provides planning and change management within the organization, and is responsible for the AIR Safety Program. Before he took the helm at AIR-300, he was the deputy director of the Policy & Innovation Division, where he oversaw the development of Aircraft Certification Services Policy, such as airworthiness standards, production and type certification procedures, and continued operational safety policy.

Prior to joining the Policy & Innovation Division, Mr. Johnson was the acting manager of the Small Airplane Directorate, where he directed the airworthiness standards, continued operational safety, policy, and guidance for small aircraft, gliders, light sport aircraft, airships, and balloons. The directorate also managed the certification activities involving all aeronautical products within the geographical boundaries encompassing 21 states and international general aviation aircraft projects.

Before his career at the FAA, Mr. Johnson worked for various aerospace companies designing and certifying modifications for a variety of aircraft from transport category aircraft, such as the cargo loading systems for the Boeing 747 and performance enhancements on the Beechcraft King Air. Mr. Johnson graduated from Brigham Young University with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering.