Thierry Couderc

Vice-chairman of the European Helicopter Association

Officer in the French Navy 1980 – 2005.  Flight observer and test engineer in embarked helicopters Graduated in sociology, specialized in risk management
Head of flight analysis and CRM for the French Maritime Patrol Aircraft Service Retired as honorary commander.  Currently executive officer and administrator of the French Helicopter Association since 2007.  Member of EHST analysis team, then member of the ESPN-R.  Member of the R-Com since the setting of the committee.  Member of the EASA-SAB as alternate for the seat of representant of helicopter industry.  Private Pilot and kit plane builder.  Vice chairman of the French Microlight Federation & chair of its air safety promotion committee 2005 – 2018.  Contributing expert to the DGAC and BEA for leisure aviation and kit plane construction until election as Vice-Chairman of the European Helicopter Association in 2018.
Currently spokesman of the Deaf Pilots Association (France) since 2004.  4930 Flight Hours.  Chevalier l’Ordre National du Mérite Médaille de l’Aéronautique.